The Sum of all Fears

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Sum of all Fears
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Welcome to Nusquam County

A small, suburban town in the middle of nowhere... quite literally. As any resident would soon discover, it is impossible to leave this town. The forest surrounding the area are unending, while the highway eventually fades off into a black void. Of course, there are no residents of Nusquam County. There are houses filled with furniture, stores fully stocked with food and clothing, and even working water and electricity, but there are no people in this town. At least, not yet...

Enter the mysterious figure known only as "the host". This quaint, quiet little town is about to become the site of an experiment that is officially classified as "the Nusquam Project." The host's resources and abilities are currently unknown, but into this town he has placed the players for this game, pulling them from their respective realities and setting them up as pawns on an oversized chessboard. In one corner the host has gathered the baddest of the bad; the beings (men, women, and creatures) that exemplify the forces of evil. In the other, the host has gathered the good, average folk that have found themselves in the roles of "hero" at one time or another in their own normal little lives. Between them, the host has thrown a few wild cards and set down a few boundaries to give this game some rules. And now, the host needs only to sit back and watch as this game plays out on it's own.

So who will survive? That is the question, isn't it? Shall good prevail, or shall the seemingly overwhelming might of the more sinister forces succeed in eliminating the heroes? There really is only one way to find out.

You have to play the game.

This is the Sum of all Fears.


THIS IS AN ADULT RP! If you can't get into an R-rated movie without an adult, then this rp is not for you!

This rp will contain graphic violence, killing, and torture, graphic sex, possible drug use, deviant behavior... you know, all the good stuff. We're not bullshitting you here. There will be some stuff here that will squick you out, be it Pinhead's torture, more-than-implied Freddy rape, or even possible incestuous relationships (*coughcoughJeepersCreeperscough*). This is your warning, people! We'd rather not deal with complaints from people who weren't prepared for what this community entailed. If you don't like it, leave. If you're still with us, then keep reading!

In this rp, characters from horror/thriller/slasher movies will come face to face with one another for the first time ever in a separate, controlled environment. The good, the bad, and the neutral will all face off to see who can survive the longest.

This is both a role-playing game and a game of survival. Characters will die if they can't make the proverbial slasher "cut". We hope to populate Nusquam County with as many players as possible. Each individual can take no more than two characters. Since the heroes will be relying on strength of numbers to survive, we will not allow any one person to play two villains. We will allow original hero characters, however, if you don't mind a greater risk of dying.

So, interested? We'd love for you to join us. But first thing's first...


Seriously, read them. We know they might be a bit long, but since this game isn't your average online rpg, you really need to familiarize yourself with what's going on. People who don't follow our rules get shot. No, seriously. We'll shoot your character. Or, you know, slash 'em into tiny bits or kill them through their dreams or turn them into mindless zombies... whatever we're in the mood to do. So read the rules!

Still with us after that? Great. Then feel free to check out the character list. Remember, we'd go nucking futs if we tried to list every available character out there, so this list is anything but complete. The most important thing here is the characters listed as taken, since obviously you can't take those. We've also given you a few ideas of what characters you could take.

Next, check out the application forms. Make sure you fill them out as specified, especially if you're taking a canon character. We'll crack down on your ass if you're going for say Hannibal Lecter with horrific spelling and grammar.

And then, once you're in, check out the rules AGAIN (you know, just to be safe - literally in this game) and take a look at our map. It's not an actual map now, but it is a description of all the places in the town you can go and what they look like. Remember: heroes always wake up on the floor of the Bates Motel, usually pretty damn confused. Villains have "spoken" (well, through written words at least) with the host and are at the mansion until they decide to go elsewhere.

All set? Well then go ahead and jump into the rp. Let's have a good, not-so-clean game and keep it fun.

One last note: for the sake of story flow, keep all OOC comments out of this community. Go to our OOC community to chat or ask questions.

Need anything else? Well contact either of your friendly mods:

AIM: Astrophysiofile
E-Mail: Stephanie_Clear@yahoo.com

AIM: Mary Sue Murder
E-Mail: bitch_collar@yahoo.com
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