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One hell of a headache

Willard came to, only to find himself on the hardwood floor of the lobby at the Bates motel. However, unlike the motel's recent occupants he arrived on the floor due to more conventional means. Namely a blow to the back of his head by the teenage girl known as Brigitte. Willard's eyes blurred with pain as he slowly pushed himself up till he was in a kneeling position.
He ran a hand over his head and through his hair feeling as if he had been hit with a baseball bat rather than the fist of the young girl when he suddenly felt something wet on his fingers. Shaking, he pulled his hand away and looked at his fingers. Blood. He was bleeding. How the hell... he thought slowly climbing to his feet. Then he remember..everything. The fight between the girls, the rats, that man crushing one of his own. He shuddered and glanced around. The girls had left while he was out but Alice and Jack had remained, though neither seemed to be paying much attention to Willard. Sleek, dark rats were still milling about the room. Willard considered, briefly, the idea of sending them to attack Jack but decided against it, not wanting to lose any more of his friends. "Out" he muttered wearily to rats. "Out". Willard stumbled over towards the desk and opened a cabinet near by it, retrieving a towel which he placed to the back of his head.
"Ouch", he muttered as the cut tinged. He really ought to clear it up though it didn't seem particularly deep. Still his head was throbbing. No longer in the mood for a confrontation with Jack, Willard decided to ignore him, figuring he would do something later, as he walked the man and through the door of the lobby. Upon exiting Willard turned and headed down the walkway toward the vending and ice machine. Perhaps some ice will help ease the pain, he thought as he continued walking.
He glanced around the parking lot, feeling much more secure in the daylight. He saw a few others walking down to the road heading into town but paid them no get amount of attention.
Reaching the ice machine, he pressed the button, hearing the machine spring to life and emit loud grinding noises as it deposited the ice below. Scooping some of the ice up into his towel Willard replaced the towel to his cut, sighing in satisfaction. Much better, he thought, leaning against a nearby post.
[Open to Jack, Alice or anyone who wants to start something in the game]
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