Charlie McGee (_outinto_fire) wrote in sum_ofall_fears,
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A wonderful day in the neighborhood

Nobody was talking. Not one word. For all Charlie knew the other's weren't even behind her. She glanced over her shoulder, they were there in the distance, roughly 30 feet away. I need to walk slower she thought before noticing the lack of one person. Where did Zelda go to ?
She shook her head, Probabrly wandered off...not exactly smart, is she ? Charlie silently hoped that the young girl hadn't that instead she had went back to get the others. Yeah, maybe that's what she did.

Whatever. I'm not her babysitter. Charlie turned back toward the road. They weren't too far. Maybe 10 to 15 minutes. She decided against waiting for the guys to catch up and continued down the road. For some strange reason she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched.
She stopped again, glancing around quickly. "Nothing but forest", she muttered, shivering. Charlie continued on, thinking that she wouldn't be comfortable till they were in town.
[Open to anyone who's heading into town]
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