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Chance encounter

Continues from here

Zelda didn't know how long she had followed the mysterious figure, an hour at least. Yet no matter how she tried Zelda could simply not catch up to it, which was surprising since Zelda was an athlete and all. Also she couldn't understand why she felt so compelled to follow this person, though her mind assured her that wasn't important.
Just keep going a voice in her mind told her.
Why ? she asked, her legs moving swiftly and heart beginning to pound.
You'll see , was the simple reply.

She realized then that she was gaining on the figure. Finally !! she thought, picking up speed.
They had reached a clearing when Zelda could finally make out the figure. It was a young boy. "HEY...Wait up !!" she called out. "I just want to talk to you."
What is he doing here ? she wondered. Is he from the town near by ? The boy stopped running and turned around toward Zelda. He seemed normal enough, roughly 6 or 7 with dark blond hair. He watched her quietly as she jogged toward him.
"Are you a witch ?"he asked sadly.
"What ?" That question surprised her. "No...or course not".She smiled slightly as an attempt to reassure him. "Do I look like a witch ?" she laughed.
"No..but he didn't either", the boy replied.
The laughter died in Zelda's throat. She glanced around the clearing. Nothing but calm forest with blue skies above them, yet for some reason she suddenly felt a chill go right through her bones. "He ?" she asked. "Who is he ?" The boy muttered something under his breath which Zelda couldn't quite hear. She bit her lip. Something didn't feel right about this situation. Her skin prickled when she realized what was unsettling her.
"You're dead" she said softly.

He's a spirit, how did I not recognize that before ? she wonder. It's not as if I've never seen a ghost. She glanced down at the green grass beneath her feet and considered the question. Of course, this boy is the first ghost that I've seen here. "What happened to.." she started to ask, her eyes darting back to the boy but not finding him. "Hey..where he'd go ?"

She spun around quickly, searching for the boy when she saw the man coming out of the trees, startling her. "OH.." she yelped. " startled me", she said to blond man walking toward her. He was tall, lean and clothed head to toe in black. He smiled coldly as he advanced.
" didn't happen to see a little kid around here, did you ?", Zelda asked nervously.
[Open to Warlock or anyone else who happenes enter the forest ]
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