Matthew Addison (become_nemesis_) wrote in sum_ofall_fears,
Matthew Addison

Face To Face.

A hard knock was sent on his door as Matt laid on his side. The sandy haired brunette taking the pillow and shoving it over his head. But again, another knock had taken place. Only this time it was in his mind. Grumbling to himself half asleep and half awake, Matthew Addison threw the pillow off from his head and threw off the covers. Yawning, he scratched his neck for a moment. Still noticing that there was no mutation. This was indeed an odd place. And when thinking back on the knock on the door he knew for a fact it was Alice.

"Time to get the 'little boiling pot' up." he sighed to himself, stalking around his room for a moment until he had found his black slacks and slipped them on. Deciding to keep the blue button up shirt untucked. Slicking his hair back once just for the hell of being a neat freak he turned the knob of the door and headed out into the hallway.

Her door was unlocked. She thought he wouldn't get in. But luckily the window to his room was open so he snuck in when had finally fallen in that mud muddle and down the landslide and found his key. His ass still ached from that. Damn bitch.

"Rain?" Matt poked his head in the doorway. She sure was something else. He heard snoring coming from the other room. Matt's eyes widened for a moment before he wrinkled his nose. "Oh lord..." he muttered to himself, shuffling into her bedroom.

Somehow he had gotten gypped on the whole room deal. Hers was as twice as big...wait a minute...that WAS his room, did she swipe his key? No, he was delirious.

"Rain..." Matt headed over to her, shaking her for a moment. The poor woman on her side and in an instant he could tell she was wide awake. Oh shit..

"Rain... don't get any ideas... Alice just-"

(Open to Rain and anyone else who dares to fuck with us. XD.)
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After dealing with Matt, Rain had gone into her room, agitated and pissed off. Not the best way to go to sleep. Rain slept on top of her covers, the boots by her bed set so she could just shove her feet in if need be, she was in a black wife beater, and still in her pants. Her empty utility vest was over the chair next to her bed, with her shirt. Always be prepared to get up and get fighting.

She slept on and off, never fully out, always keeping aware. Not like she could help that, she's a's just the way things are.

That was when she heard someone stirring in her room, but she just lay there, still pretending to be asleep. Not very happy about the intrusion either, but she smiled widely at who the intruder was. Does he never learn? I'll teach him.

He jostled her and that was her chance. Her eyes shot open, and in one fluid movement, she grabbed his arm, twisted it, rolled off the bed and pushed him down on it, pinning him with her arm to his throat. She leaned in close to his face and growled two words. "Blow.Me."
The typical response from Rain Ocampo. But this time. Matt wasn't going to take it. He grit his teeth when she had twisted his arm, and then made him lay on it. Damn. One arm down. One to go. Reaching immediately for Rain's neck he began to dig his nails into the back of her neck, purpose scraping until she felt something sharp.

He wanted to scream out victory. He loved her so. Like a friend. But he never knew she'd be THIS difficult. But in the morning of all things, why not? Weren't all women difficult in the morning? Beauty sleep ring a bell? Not with Rain.
Rain hissed at the stinging of his finger nails at the back of her neck, so she wrenched his arm tighter, lifting her knee up and pressing it into the small of his back, pressing all of her weight on it.

"Get your fucking nails out of my neck," she growled. If he thinks he can get the best of her, than he has something else coming. He'd be suprised at the amount of pain she can take. It's nothing compared to the thrashing she got at bootcamp. This shit just made her even more pissed.