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Shall we?

If that wasn’t special, he thought watching the man, younger than many but older than some threaten and cajole his fellow villains. John watched with offhanded interest out of the black empty eyeholes of the mask; narrowing his own analytical grey eyes.

There was a war of egos here. None wished to seem weak in front of another. Concession to another’s whim would certainly qualify under that title. Logic stood that each man, girl, and... thing had their own unique talent, whether un-, sub-, or super-natural, or else why summon them all here to this place? His fingers drummed on the leather-covered arm of the chair. This perpetual waiting would bear no fruit. His hand gripped the pig mask, pulling it roughly off his head to reveal Jigsaw’s baldhead and sick-paled skin. His eyes now openly scanned each person one-by-one. If he was to be the first one to make a move then so be it.

He dropped the mask into large duffle bag and stood addressing them in that deep voice, “Gentlemen, ladies, we have been brought to this place for a reason. Let us not linger idly then. It is a safe assumption each of we assembled here has a particular talent; hence, our assembly here by the unknown benefactor. So then, let us see what sport we find and not merely sit and admire the wallpaper. I am going out to investigate- who will go with me?”

[Open to any villain(s)]
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