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Morning in Nusquam

The night's sleep was long and rest did not come easy for Alice. Her mind swam in a flood of horrible memories. Unshakable, vicious, and eternal: the blood, the flayed flesh, droning of the infected, the inescapable omnipresence of the soulless multinational monopoly, and helplessness to save anyone- especially herself.

The first rays of the warm morning filtered through the crack in the curtains. The beam loomed over her placid face, stirring the agent to shelter slowly parting eyes with a forearm, before rising. Where am I? Blinking hard, her mind scanned through banks of memory to recall the unfamiliar location and all that had occurred the night before came flooding back over her. Nusquam, that was the name of the place.... Rain...Matt... they were alive. How and why made no discernable sense to Alice but things being the way they were, it didn’t particularly matter. For now...

Alice stepped out onto the wooden plank walkway, staring out into the slight grey morning fog that seemed to have consumed the hotel whole, before stopping first at Rain’s door then Matt’s. Giving a good solid whack with the side of her fist. This is your wake-up call, Alice thought grimly to herself. A few second later she had reached the small collection of people assembled outside in front of the main entrance. She was too hungry and half asleep to make any more nicities than a simple nod good morning to her fellow guests. After grumbling something about food, Alice ran her fingers through her blond hair and entered the lobby in search of breakfast of some sort.

[Open to anyone in/around the Bate's Motel]
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