Charlie McGee (_outinto_fire) wrote in sum_ofall_fears,
Charlie McGee

Continues from here

It seemed calm though, on this clear morning in Nusquam. Charlie stared off into the distance. Tranquil, as if nothing bad could happen here. At least she saw no sign of the trouble Ginger and Brigitte had mentioned. Nothing but the sun cracking through the clouds to reveal blue sky. She wondered if it would be warm.

Frankly, Charlie was surprised that no one had been awaken by this commotion that the girls caused. Perhaps they were wrapped up in there own problems. It wouldn't surprise her, given the unusual circumstances. She eyed the girls. Then again, maybe they had heard but hadn't believed. These two did have the atmosphere of shit-disturbers around them. Particularly the red head who was still eating the bloody remains hanging from her shirt.

"Do you mind ? That's not only unhealthy but unhygienic" she said in an exasperated tone. Her attention was distracted only for a few moments but it was long enough for a figure to come running out of the woods. Charlie snapped her attention toward the sound of running feet, What the....
Surprised, Charlie's mind lashed out instinctively, drawing up scorching flames from the ground to incinerate the figure.
The flames spread quickly as the figure fell to the ground. Frighten, Charlie concentrated on keeping the flames strong. Within moments the zombie was reduced to ashes, the glow surrounding Charlie subsiding.
Oh crap she thought. She had used her powers, exposed herself, the ne thing she usually was so guarded about was out in the open now. She turned back toward the others.
"I can explain that.." She started.
[Open to Wexler, Brigitte, Ginger and anyone who is drawn outside].
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