Trish Jenner (trish_6y4evr) wrote in sum_ofall_fears,
Trish Jenner

Rise and shine? Or maybe just flicker...

Whether it was her body crashing from all the excitement or just the steady rhythm of Darry's breathing beside her, Trish had eventually drifted off to sleep herself on the bed in their motel room. When her eyes flickered open once again a little over an hour later, it took her several disorienting minutes to remember where she was.

Right... motel... wherever the fuck that is.

She carefully slid to one side, pulling herself away from Darry's unconscious body so she could stretch without waking him just yet. Her neck and back cracked some as she stood up, but other than that she was perfectly fine, something that she guessed she should be more thankful for. Checking the clock on the nightstand, she saw it was 9:30. Still pretty early as far as she was concerned, but that meant that she'd been in this place for more than three hours without figuring out where they were.

Sitting on the edge of the bed now, she looked back at where Darry was sleeping. She couldn't help but smile, seeing him curled up like he was a little kid again. At least he seemed to be sleeping peacefully, though after that dosage of tranqs she wasn't that surprised.

Remembering the first aid kit, she decided to take a closer look at it. Pulling it over next to where she was sitting, she sifted through its contents. It contained all the usual stuff, and then some. From bandages and various sanitizing ointments to heavy-duty bandages and even materials to stitch wounds shut. And that's beside the needle and tranquilizer dosages and the inhaler she found there (all matching Darry's prescriptions, of course). Whoever had left that kit in the room had left it for them, specifically. Someone here knew more than they were saying - hell, more than anyone should know. How could anyone know what Darry's meds were, never mind which room they were going to take? The thought that someone out there knew so much about them made Trish's skin crawl, and she shut the first aid kit with a shudder.

Turning to Darry, she forced her mind onto more important and immediate matters: namely getting her and her brother out of there. Before they could leave, they'd have to know where they were, why they were there, and how they'd arrived. For that, they'd need to talk with the others. Reaching over, she placed a hand on Darry's shoulder.

"Hey, Dar. Rise and shine, sweetie. We're at Gramma's."

She smiled warmly at him, hoping her teasing remark would help him to wake up in good spirits. The poor guy'd been through enough as it was.

"Sleep well?"

[open to Darry]
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"Hey, Dar. Rise and shine, sweetie. We're at Gramma's."

"Wha-?" Darry blinked sleepily, sitting up in bed. His head was still feeling kind of fuzzy and light, but he was awake and thinking clearly now at the very least.

"Gramma's? Really?" For one wild, hopeful second, Darry's eyes lit up and his face relaxed, as for one second he actually believed that maybe all that hideous shit that had happened really had been a bad dream, and now he'd woken up, and he'd been asleep at Gramma's the whole time. But as he looked around the dingy hotel room, his expression collapsed and he glanced back up at Trish. It wasn't even disappointment he was feeling, it was...the only word he could think for it at the moment was crushed. It hadn't been a bad dream. They were still here.

"Sleep well?"

"It was tranqtacular." He said bitterly, feeling both furious and terrified that they were still here, and upset with himself for the whole situation in the first place. If he hadn't tweaked out the way he had, Trish wouldn't have had to drag him back here to med him up good. If he'd been cool about it, the way she'd been, he wouldn't have tweaked out at all.

"What the hell are we going to do, Trish? What are we supposed to do? Should we just wait here? We're going to need to eat eventually. I mean, what the hell is this?"

He lowered his head, pressing his palms against his temples.

"We should maybe hunt down some of the people who want to talk to us or something." He finally said helplessly. "Maybe like set up a meeting where we can all brainstorm or whatever. Fuck, I don't know."