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Willard surveyed the lobby. His eyes scanned over the many stuffed animals, the dim lamps, the hideous 1950's wallpaper.....funny, that wall paper was also in parlour of the Stiles family residence. He raised his eyebrows in mild surprise and continued his scrutiny of the room.

A number of people had left but there were still quite a few in the remaining. The two adult women, Raine and Alice were arguing by one side of the room. They had arrived with the first group, teleported here by a strange vortex that had opened in the ceiling and closed just as quickly.
Most of the first group had already left the lobby before and shortly after the second group had been deposited on the floor.
Willard regarded the new assembly which seemed composed mostly of males. Willard rubbed his head, a headache was quickly developing. He sincerely wished for silence.

What is the point of all this screaming and yelling ? he thought.
The new group would be waking up soon, Willard looked around for a clock to check the time.
An old grandfather clock in the corner next to a stuffed Grey owl answered his question. 3:17 am. What an ungodly hour to be up . Sunrise was roughly 3 hours away.

He yawned. He felt so tired and annoyed at this point. Was he suppose to stand around here all hours of the night waiting for people to make up their minds ? The annoyance started to give away to anger. Part of the problem with being crazy is having very little control of your emotions. The same was true for Willard. While normally he was timid and quiet but he had buttons which when pushed released surprising amounts of emotions. A frustrated sigh escaped him.

“Excuse me”, he practically yelled, anger in his voice. “ But there anyone else who would like to check in or wake up and check in for that matter ? Because, frankly, I would like to get some sleep tonight, if you don’t mind. “

[open to Raine, Alice, Matt, Shaun, anyone else who fell through the ceiling or anyone else who comes back into the lobby]
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