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Rain Ocampo

[continued from...here]
“Rain, that holding area was inside the mansion at the outskirts of Raccoon City, the above ground entrance to the Hive. The Red Queen triggered the Hive’s defense mechanizes. The two security-operatives were suffering from amnesia due to the gas released into the main house. You and your squad took three persons Alice, Spence, Matt, with you into the Hive. I know because I was one of the two security-operatives. The Red Queen went homicidal. You and your team of U.B.C.S.- Umbrella Counter Measures Services, your mission was to enter the Hive, discover what happened, assess the extent of the damage and shut down the Red Queen. Kaplan, J.D., Shade, yourself... But what you didn’t know, what none of us knew, was Umbrella had been doing experimental illegal genetic testing and viral weapontry. One of their creations got loose- the T-Virus... a protean virus, it reanimated dead tissue- it made zombies, Rain, with a need to feed.”

The words Alice said seeped into the frustrated woman's head. There were flashes...flashes of memory.

The operatives break into the mansion and find one intruder and one unidentified agent. They cuff the intruder, taking him prisoner, and Rain points her gun at him, after cocking it.

"You can't do this!"
"Blow me."


Sparks fly as Rain breaks into the entrance, then reports back.

"Sir, we've breached the Hive."


The operatives search the area, once again Rain reports.

"Sir no go, the whole level's flooded."


Rain looked upon a dead body, drowned in a lab.

"Poor bastards."


The team reaches "Dining Hall B".

"J.D., you and Rain keep the prisoner here and secure the exit."

The team disperses and Rain nudges Matt foward.

"Move it."


Rain and J.D. peer into one of the holding tank things.

"What the hell do they keep in these things?"
"How do I know?"


Quite a while after the power surge, as they wait for the team to return.

"They're late."
Rain glances at her watch then hears a noise. She lifts her gun. "I'm on it." Cocks the gun then goes to investigate.

All these flashes of her memory rush back in a matter of seconds. Rain snaps out of it. "Is that what that shit was in those tanks? Zombies? Creations?" She struggled some more, watching as people left, still confused and now more pissed than ever,

"Now let me the fuck up!" Rain's tone was near a growl, and her anger was very evident. Alice lifted her up, but didn't let up on her hold. After a moment the enraged soldier was tossed out the door. Rain quickly turned, fire burning behind her eyes, hands balled into tight fists, her knuckles white. If looks could kill, Alice would be dead, buried, decomposed and fertilizer.

“Now...You can either get up dust yourself off and talk to me inside. Or we can fight and I can put you in the dirt over and over again. Your choice, Rain.”

Taking a few deep breaths, not really helping to calm her, Rain narrowed her eyes at the blonde agent and spoke low.

"Ok, you seem to know everything, so tell me...bitch. What happened to my team? Where is everybody?"

{open to Alice...and maybe Matt if he wants to show}
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