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[continued from...here]
“Rain, that holding area was inside the mansion at the outskirts of Raccoon City, the above ground entrance to the Hive. The Red Queen triggered the Hive’s defense mechanizes. The two security-operatives were suffering from amnesia due to the gas released into the main house. You and your squad took three persons Alice, Spence, Matt, with you into the Hive. I know because I was one of the two security-operatives. The Red Queen went homicidal. You and your team of U.B.C.S.- Umbrella Counter Measures Services, your mission was to enter the Hive, discover what happened, assess the extent of the damage and shut down the Red Queen. Kaplan, J.D., Shade, yourself... But what you didn’t know, what none of us knew, was Umbrella had been doing experimental illegal genetic testing and viral weapontry. One of their creations got loose- the T-Virus... a protean virus, it reanimated dead tissue- it made zombies, Rain, with a need to feed.”

The words Alice said seeped into the frustrated woman's head. There were flashes...flashes of memory.

The operatives break into the mansion and find one intruder and one unidentified agent. They cuff the intruder, taking him prisoner, and Rain points her gun at him, after cocking it.

"You can't do this!"
"Blow me."


Sparks fly as Rain breaks into the entrance, then reports back.

"Sir, we've breached the Hive."


The operatives search the area, once again Rain reports.

"Sir no go, the whole level's flooded."


Rain looked upon a dead body, drowned in a lab.

"Poor bastards."


The team reaches "Dining Hall B".

"J.D., you and Rain keep the prisoner here and secure the exit."

The team disperses and Rain nudges Matt foward.

"Move it."


Rain and J.D. peer into one of the holding tank things.

"What the hell do they keep in these things?"
"How do I know?"


Quite a while after the power surge, as they wait for the team to return.

"They're late."
Rain glances at her watch then hears a noise. She lifts her gun. "I'm on it." Cocks the gun then goes to investigate.

All these flashes of her memory rush back in a matter of seconds. Rain snaps out of it. "Is that what that shit was in those tanks? Zombies? Creations?" She struggled some more, watching as people left, still confused and now more pissed than ever,

"Now let me the fuck up!" Rain's tone was near a growl, and her anger was very evident. Alice lifted her up, but didn't let up on her hold. After a moment the enraged soldier was tossed out the door. Rain quickly turned, fire burning behind her eyes, hands balled into tight fists, her knuckles white. If looks could kill, Alice would be dead, buried, decomposed and fertilizer.

“Now...You can either get up dust yourself off and talk to me inside. Or we can fight and I can put you in the dirt over and over again. Your choice, Rain.”

Taking a few deep breaths, not really helping to calm her, Rain narrowed her eyes at the blonde agent and spoke low.

"Ok, you seem to know everything, so tell me...bitch. What happened to my team? Where is everybody?"

{open to Alice...and maybe Matt if he wants to show}
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"Is that what that shit was in those tanks? Zombies? Creations?"

Her head had cocked sideward watching the latina slip into a daze. Pondering, her face taking a dreamy look as Rain wading deep into the shores of memory rushing toward her before dancingly ebbing away. Alice’s curled her hand around Rain’s arm holding securely. "No, genetic experimentations were contained in the tanks. Early projects of the Hive- the T-Virus injected into living tissue had catastrophic results..." as she spoke the words Alice could almost her the eerily sinister quality of the childlike Red Queen’s childish voice coming through in her own account, "After feeding on fresh DNA, it mutates becoming a faster, stronger, more lethal hunter than the numerous zombies could have ever been..." She could see it some times. When she was alone, on the back of her eyelids, the Licker trying to break through the thin layer of glass separating Alice from the monster.

- - - - -

"Ok, you seem to know everything, so tell me...bitch. What happened to my team? Where is everybody?"

Without pause, without hesitation, "Your team is dead. The Hive and Umbrella killed them." It was cold and blunt, but Alice had decided Rain deserved to hear the unapologetic truth despite how much the past pained her.
Genetic experiments, zombies, this shit was supposed to be in horror movies, not real fucking life. Rain's head was spinning at all the new info and she couldn't help but feel that Alice was responsible. She didn't know why she felt that way, she just did. Probably because she wanted something or someone to lay the blame.

"This is pretty fucked." She muttered to herself. What Alice said next made Rain stop all trains of thought. The sound of the words in her mind. Dead? All dead? How could they have died if they were only gone for a little while. How the hell could that happen.

A new rage boiled inside of Rain as she quickly stormed up to Alice, standing dangerously close to her, eyes narrowed, fists clenched. Took all the power she had in her to not punch the woman. "How the fuck do you know all this? And if they all died...why aren't you dead with them...hell, why aren't I dead with them? Better give me the answers I want bitch, or we're going to throw down, and don't be so sure that you'll win." Rain snarled at the cocky blonde, her teeth grinding slightly, as she waited for her answers.
“Yeah,” Alice admitted. More than anyone she knew how the words like some fantastically farfetched nightmare. Problem was this nightmare came true.

Alice waited in those tense heartbeats for the truth to sink in to the Latina’s brain. Stages of grief, each of them flew through the blonde’s thoughts. Not surprisingly Rain had skipped a few to hit anger. Now as the two woman faced off eye-to-eye felt her emotions wavering at the hard questions. They dredge the dead from the deep waters of murky memory. All of them bad, all her fault, if she had only...
“I was there, I know, ”

Kept her voice tactfully calm as she spoke. Not wanting to fight Rain if she didn’t have to. She didn’t want to tell her. How could Alice tell someone news like this? But hard press by the heavy-handed questioning finally she relented. “You did die. You were bit. Then you turned into one of them. A bullet to the brain put you down. On the train back to the mansion from the Hive- you and Kaplan died.”
"You and Kaplan died." that was the voice he had been hoping for all hope of hearing. Alice's. Deep crystal-blue eyes immediately widened, as Matthew found himself stumbling down the rest of the stairs, hearing such a voice had been like music to his ears. Staggering slightly as if in a daze, he finally worked his strength and speed up, as Matt broke into a light jog on the dirt, trotting along, until he stopped.

A dark haired brunette was there, a few feet in front of him...and there was Alice. Matt gawked once, mouth open. It was silent now. Not even the sound of a pin dropping could be detected. Until he felt his hand go numb, as Matt dropped the key onto the ground. With a slight fing.

"Alice..." Matt replied, as he quickly squatted gripping the keys, and let his gaze wander up her body finally laying upon her face. How he had missed those minty blue eyes, the feeling of her leadership on his shoulders. Everything she had stood for...

But blinded by her, Matt finally looked to Rain, he gasped, and began to slightly back up.

"This...this isn't happening..."
Every word from Alice's mouth sounded false...wrong, in some way. How could she have been infected, and furthermore, how could she have been killed and be here now. None of this seemed possible in any way shape or form. Rain just stood there, all the thoughts swirling around in her mind.

Brow furrowed, she let out a deep sigh and spoke slowly. "Let me get this straight. Umbrella made zombies...my whole team died...I turned into a zombie, then got shot in the head. So technically I'm dead. But somehow, you managed your way out of this completely unscathed."

The latina took a few steps foward, hand raised slightly as if to make a point. "If I find that you are lying to me...so help me god..." That was when another voice was heard. Another slightly familiar one. She looked over Alice's shoulder to see the man from her memory. The prisoner they took.

The look in his eyes was that of fear, though Rain didn't know exactly why he was afraid of her, she didn't mind the sentiment. A smirk tugged at the corner of her mouth and she waved half assed at him.
"Let me get this straight. Umbrella made zombies...my whole team died...I turned into a zombie, then got shot in the head. So technically I'm dead. But somehow, you managed your way out of this completely unscathed."

“There was an anti-virus...”

‘Blue for the virus, green for the anti-virus. Blue for the virus, green for the anti-virus. There’s a cure!’ Alice could remember having exclaimed the revelation, a beacon of hope during the survivors’ darkest hour, but it was always darkest just before it went pitch black.

“You were injected on the train with it but by then it was far too late. The virus had progressed far beyond the anti-virus was capable of remedying. No one escaped unscathed. Umbrella was waiting at the door. They captured I and the only other survivor of the Hive...” Alice felt her eyes close in defense of unwanted emotions bubbling up with the surfacing memories Umbrella had tried to erase, “Before I could give him the anti-virus. He was rapidly mutating with a different strain of the T-Virus... They put him in the Nemesis Program. They turned him into a monster.”

The last word stuck in her throat like cotton. Monster. Alice was in every sense inhuman. They’d done something to her. Her genetics had accepted the T-Virus and mutated- she’d evolved. She’d survived the horror. Rain’s threats rolled off her like water.

The metallic clamoring clank of a small object striking the wooden floorboards coming to rest in the dusty dirt behind caused her head to reflexively turn.


Alice stared cold and catatonic. Synapses fire but mind unwilling or unable to wrap itself around what pale eyes were seeing. “Matt...?” Voice came out sounding hollow against her own ears. Slowly letting her gaze mark and confirm the until recently deceased Nemesis’ identity as the very much alive Matt. By no stretch of Alice’s imagination was this making sense. And she could imagine quite a lot these days.

"This...this isn't happening..."

“Matt...” she repeated again, steeling her emotions and she neared him. Seemingly turning her back to Rain but in reality keeping an eye on where and what the hotheaded Latina was doing. “Matt, stop. She’s not inflected.” Alice pushed past her anxiety, past the sorrow, and the astonishment to take command of the situation. Half shooting Rain an irritated look for her cocky greeting she turned her attention back onto the spooked Matt. “I know your head is reeling but overreacting isn’t going to help things. We need to take this conversation inside. We're exposed here. Pick a room.”
"Pick a room..." Matt quirked a brunette eyebrow, squinting once, staring around the honeyed blonde to meet Rain's gaze. He bit down on his bottom lip, holding up the key, inspecting it with all his might, staring at it. The number two had escaped to his senses. "I got...two?" he asked, still bewildered. "Rain..." his voice trailed off slightly. He remembered damn well, turning to look at her with a sad expression, depressed to the core, and giving a good shoot to the head with the soldiers own beretta. Matt nodded to Alice, giving her a sentimental look, and then nodded once more, before pointing to one of the cabin/rooms.

"There... I guess, this is suppose to be it..."

He hushed his voice once.

"Is Umbrella here?" he looked to Alice, trying to make sense of all this, but nothing was coming to mind. He stopped in his tracks lightly, waiting for them, and put a hand to Alice's shoulder.

"It's not your fault... none of this was... "


13 years ago


13 years ago

He knew she was taking it hard so Matt had let her be. Though when she had brushed his hand off her shoulder, his palm couldn't help but lightly touch the scar. The sandy brunette frowned slightly when he thought of what those bastards had done to her. And as odd as it was...he wasn't mutating anymore. Matt sheepishly looked down at his own key, his gaze instantly put the spotlight on Rain. He knew this woman well. She would be a bitch, literally, to handle.

"You okay? And don't say you're fine..." he turned his full attention to her, staring at her. But he seemed to hold emotion in his eyes, however a sharp and strict tone. He wanted her to be okay. But he wasn't about to take her regular bull shit. Not after what happened. And the 'blow me' comment was really un-nessasary that morning.

He thought she'd probably just blow it off. As Alice had slipped past them earlier he had seen the key in her hand, swiping it softly so she never even noticed. Rain's key... she'd have to work, and be cooperative to earn it. Keyword. earn
“Go to bed. Today has left us with enough on our plates. It’s late, far too late to do anything tonight. Tomorrow we’ll start out fresh and assess the situation fully alert.”

Rain stood there, arms crossed, and brow quirked. Since when is she the queen of the world? Alice's attitude only spiked Rain's more, making her more edgy than she was before...and that's saying something.

Once Alice was gone, Matt looked expectantly at Rain, she just smirked and shook her head. If he thought that they were gonna have a buddy-buddy moment, he sure had another thing coming. Rain was not about to warm up to him, she didn't owe him that.

"You okay? And don't say you're fine..."

Eyeing the key in Matt's hand, she prepared herself to take it from him, she was not in the mood to have a heart to heart with him. The day had been too damn long already, and that's saying something, since she'd only technically been awake for a short period of time.

"I'm super, fantastic, fucking marvelous...now give me my key, or I'm going to take it from you...by any means necesary." Those last few words rolled off her tongue slowly, and with quite the bite to them.
"Rain..." Matt warned her. Clearly gripping the key tightly in his hand. He tried to make sense of it all. Something was obviously wrong. And Alice had either grown cold, or had just wanted to forget about it for the night. But deep inside, he knew the brunette could be broken. Rain was tough on the outside, but on the inside, no matter how couragous or independent she may be. She could still crack.

He sighed.

"Want it? Come get it."
She narrowed her eyes at him and shook her head. If she was mad before she was fucking pissed now. "Don't play with me Matt," she growled at him. It would probably be simple to take him down. Only reason Alice bested her is because she has all that hand to hand training, where-as Matt had none of that.

"Want it? Come get it."

Cracking her head to the side, then in turn, the other side, she sized him up. Too easy she thought. With a low growl-type noise, she suddenly charged him, shoulder hitting him square in the gut, slamming him into the closed door, and hard.

When Rain's adreniline gets pumping, and she gets extremely heated, she is a force to be reckoned with. She grabbed his wrist, the one with the key, roughly, and twisted it, and him around, jarring his arm against his back, and pressing his face against the door with her other arm. Her body pressing against him the whole time.

"Told you not to fuck with me."
What a lovely position to be in. "Rai-" his muffled cries were caught into place as he was slammed up against the door. His wrist killing him, trying to keep himself in check he closed his fist tighter around the keys. No matter...what, he wouldn't let them go. Even if the pain was immense.

"TALK!" he finally yelled out, still muffled, trying to fight her. But he was weak now, and slowly found his hand letting the grip loosen.
Who was he kidding? Did he really think, giving the position he was in, that he could tell her what to do? He had another thing coming to him, that's for sure. She leaned in so her lips were next to his ear. "You are in no position to make demands," she hissed.

One of her legs jammed between his, pushing them apart, as her grip tightened on his wrist, as well as the angle. "Now let go and you won't get hurt...to badly," her words were slow and threatening.
The sandy brunette gasped, his eyes widening. He should have known she'd be this difficult. She was in the beginning, she was in the end. And she was damn well now. He tried to sound threatening, but it came out more of a cry of help. His words slurred together almost.

Sighing. Finally giving up, seeing how it was no use. He loosened his grip on the keys. A plop onto the ground, with a hint of a jingle to the metal hitting against the metal ring.

Matt grit his teeth, grinding them, he couldn't think. What was he suppose to do? He couldn't do shit. A civilian. Nothing. Not trained like any of these people were...

Some shit he got himself into.
With one last wrench of his wrist, Rain won, she heard the clang of the keys dropping to the ground. Too damn easy. Shifting her sights to the keys, she tried to figure out how to do this. She didn't know him well enough to know if he would lash out when she let go.

Finally coming to a decision, she wrapped her arm around his neck, up under his chin, and held fast to his wrist, turning them both. Lifting her leg up, she placed her boot to the small of his back, and pushed him to the walk as she let go.

Squatting down she picked up both the keys, and a smirk played at the corner of her lips. "Well what have we here? You want this?" She said, still crouched, waving his key from side to side. "Well go get it," she coldly as she tossed it, with all her strength, into the darkness.

Standing straight up, she held her smirk. ""night." With that, she turned on her heal and headed to her own room.