Ginger 'Anne' Fitzgerald (ginger_hs_snapd) wrote in sum_ofall_fears,
Ginger 'Anne' Fitzgerald

I want to give in...

“Right, Ginger?”

Those words had stung like a thousand bees, you know, their stingers just sticking to you. Infecting you with their poison. The auburn haired girl let her gaze fall to the ground, before slowly peeling it off of the pavement, and gave Brigitte Fitzgerald a death stare. “Yes. B, I’m coming.” she replied, a sickeningly sweet smile replaced her usual scowl upon her crimson painted lips, the lipstick fading slowly to reveal a paler red, almost like her lips had been dyed. The tone held a threatening existence that even Ginger herself couldn’t fathom that it was coming from her own lips.

Taking a step forward, Ginger hugged her arms close to her, as she folded them at her chest, slightly coldly from the lack of jacket. Dark hazel-green eyes followed Brigitte’s form into the shadows, until the redhead had caught up with her sister, brushing past her. She wanted war? War she’d get. “What the fuck, B!?” she growled angrily, looking at the darkness. Her senses slightly heightened and her eyes focused dead on.

“Where the hell are we going anyway?” taking another saunter forward another pang in her stomach, signaled that she was indeed starving. “Hey, I’ll meet you back at the room.. I need to go fucking kill something.” she said in a hushed tone. Ginger pivoted in the opposite direction now, once again a little ways away from passing her sister.

Would she reach out and stop her? Would she even attempt to stop her? Ginger herself didn’t know. But she did know she was fucking hungry, and that brunette soldier woman would do the trick… just ripping out her insides, licking them like a Tootsie Pop. Oh, it was heaven… her blood on her hands, the salty yet sweet taste in her mouth.

And then maybe the blonde would be good for another day. The now younger Fitzgerald sister held up a hand, observing the beige long claw-like nails on her fingers. She smirked to herself, almost forming a grin. No… Rain might be a better challenge later…she wanted to go after those other siblings…

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