Ginger 'Anne' Fitzgerald (ginger_hs_snapd) wrote in sum_ofall_fears,
Ginger 'Anne' Fitzgerald

I want to give in...

“Right, Ginger?”

Those words had stung like a thousand bees, you know, their stingers just sticking to you. Infecting you with their poison. The auburn haired girl let her gaze fall to the ground, before slowly peeling it off of the pavement, and gave Brigitte Fitzgerald a death stare. “Yes. B, I’m coming.” she replied, a sickeningly sweet smile replaced her usual scowl upon her crimson painted lips, the lipstick fading slowly to reveal a paler red, almost like her lips had been dyed. The tone held a threatening existence that even Ginger herself couldn’t fathom that it was coming from her own lips.

Taking a step forward, Ginger hugged her arms close to her, as she folded them at her chest, slightly coldly from the lack of jacket. Dark hazel-green eyes followed Brigitte’s form into the shadows, until the redhead had caught up with her sister, brushing past her. She wanted war? War she’d get. “What the fuck, B!?” she growled angrily, looking at the darkness. Her senses slightly heightened and her eyes focused dead on.

“Where the hell are we going anyway?” taking another saunter forward another pang in her stomach, signaled that she was indeed starving. “Hey, I’ll meet you back at the room.. I need to go fucking kill something.” she said in a hushed tone. Ginger pivoted in the opposite direction now, once again a little ways away from passing her sister.

Would she reach out and stop her? Would she even attempt to stop her? Ginger herself didn’t know. But she did know she was fucking hungry, and that brunette soldier woman would do the trick… just ripping out her insides, licking them like a Tootsie Pop. Oh, it was heaven… her blood on her hands, the salty yet sweet taste in her mouth.

And then maybe the blonde would be good for another day. The now younger Fitzgerald sister held up a hand, observing the beige long claw-like nails on her fingers. She smirked to herself, almost forming a grin. No… Rain might be a better challenge later…she wanted to go after those other siblings…

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Brigitte moved forward, next to her sister, glancing at her intermittly.
"You can't kill, Ginger", she said softly. "At least nothing human. Please...just wait for a second." She demanded, desperatly trying to keep her tone low and calm. She stopped walking, grabbing her sister's arm again, but in a much more gentle manner than before. "Just wait... we can figure something out. It's not safe here, lets talk in the room. That girl, Trish said there are zombies out here. It's not safe...maybe not even for us."
Imagine Brigitte thought, Stuck as the living undead. That's even worse than being a werewolf. She glanced around. Nothing, thankfully.
Was Ginger even listening to her ?
"You just can't kill here", she leaned in and whispered urgently. "We're out numbered here. If the others decided to...if they knew what you are...what we are, they could kill us. There's more of them. Killing a werewolf isn't impossible either. Sam killed the one that bit you with his van, for fuck sake."
Brigitte silently willed her sister to consider the logic of the situation. So far Ginger showed no sign that she had reconsidered.
Is she thinking about how she died ? Brigitte suddenly wondered, guilt flooding her mind. She looked down at the ground, biting her lip.
"Look ", she said, her voice no longer whispering but rather in Brigitte's naturally low tone. "I'm sorry". She took a deep breath, she really did mean it, she was shaken to the core. "I'm so fucking sorry, I'm sorry I killed..." she stutter. "I'm sorry I killed you".
She forced herself to look Ginger in the eye. "I'm sorry. But I'm not sorry for trying to stay alive. I'm not sorry for fighting you. And..and I've missed you. So much", her voice dropping to a whisper again, tears welling in her eyes.
"I don't want to lose you again, so I'm begging you...please don't kill them. Don't give them a reason to hunt you. We can go into the woods, we can go into town...there's got to be animals somewhere here".
She sighed, "What do you say ? Can you do this? "
"You can't kill, Ginger. that voice... almost like a loud ringing to her eyes. What the fuck did she mean she couldn't kill? The redhead was about to retort until Brigitte's voice had become soft... almost, soothing. Just to know she still had someone there for her was music to her ears. They always said serene-like things calm the beast.

"Wait...and second, shouldn't go together." Ginger snarled angrily, she was fucking hungry. Did Brigitte not get this? Folding her arms across her chest, Ginger bit down on her bottom lip till it bled, licking at her own blood. She was so desperate. It killed her on the inside. And then it had hit her. Zombies? Creatures? ...things worse than what they were?

Ginger yanked her arm away from her sister, insistantly trying to get away. The point was clear. She couldn't kill here. Not a human. And if they found out...she was fucked. Ginger blinked, trying to keep her priorities straight. She was starving, but eating would get her killed...

And that's when she 'snapped' no pun intended. "You're sorry?! B!, HOW THE FUCK?!" the auburn redhead raged. "Oh, well I'm sorry for killing Sam then, I'm sorry for fucking throwing Trina into a counter! I'm sorry for FUCKING KILLING NORMAN!" She raised her voice. This of course was all lies.

She turned to look at her sister in the eyes. "You just want to keep running away!" she hissed.

"I want to live... and if I'm not fucking living, then I want to PRETEND I'm living, and tear something to fucking pieces." her tone slowly drowned out, trying to calm down. It appeared as though Brigitte was the independent one now...and Ginger was scared on the inside...

And once again...

"I can't be like this..." Ginger frowned, a tear falling down her cheek.

"I just can't do it... Brigitte... help me...." Ginger sobbed, but something far worse was taking her over, and people would soon die because of it, but she'd play along for now. Brigitte very well knew there was still some of Ginger Fitzgerald left inside. But for how long could she keep this up?
Brigitte watched her sister apologise for killing the others. Technically Trina was an accident she noted but Ginger did have a part in that accident.
"You just want to keep running away!"
The accusation rang in her ears. It was true though, as much as it shamed Brigitte to acknowledge it. Her first impulse in most situations was to run as far and as fast as she could to escape. She had spent the last two years of her life running and hiding.
But that was not what Ginger would do. Ginger wasn’t the type to run away, she either fought against things or gave into the worst vices. Even when she was human, Ginger was a free spirit, the wild one who couldn’t be contained. Brigitte always admired that.

"I can't be like this..." Brigitte bit her lip. Those words had been said before and it stung just the same to see Ginger afraid. Compassion overwhelmed Brigitte. It wasn’t Ginger’s fault that she had these urges, Brigitte understood that now, all too well. Being reserved allowed her to resist those urges but only barely. She knew it would be almost impossible for Ginger to do the same.
Still, Brigitte was determined to help her sister now that she had her back. She knew how to resist the urges but would such things work for Ginger ? She looked at her sister, taking in her appearance. Her hair was turning white already, her nails longer and sharper. Would the monkshood work ? Or was it too late ?

Brigitte’s mind flashed back to her last time shooting up, the aversive reaction that she had. By that point she was too far gone and the monkshood was useless. The same might be true for Ginger now, plus Brigitte was hesitant to cause her such pain. Besides Ginger had refused it last time. While B herself needed it, she knew the monkshood would be no good for Ginger,
So what else could she do ? They could go into the woods and find something, Ginger could kill an animal. But where there any animals even here? And would that just cause the bloodlust in Ginger to deepen ? B herself had avoided meat fearing that but Ginger wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less.

“I’ll help you Ginger”, she said. “We’ll go into the woods, see if we can find something....anything really. If that’s what you want. You can kill animals, the others wouldn’t suspect us for that nor are they going to care about a few dead animals. But we have to be careful and quick, okay ?”. She leaned in and whispered to her sister, “We have to be careful, if there are zombies out there, I don’t want to get bitten. Being a werewolf is bad enough, don’t you think ?” she smiled slightly, jokingly. She looked around again. There were still a few people outside, down by what looked like vending machines. Too bad Ginger just couldn’t have a snickers or something she thought. The others weren’t looking their way though, so now was a good time to head into the forest, without any interruptions.

“Come on, we should go quickly and get it over with.” She turned towards the woods. Though I have a very bad feeling about this she thought.
Ginger wide eyed tried to see the good in it all. But the situation was bleak. Tears fell down her soft, rosy cheeks. Though he skin was a bit paler than usual, there was still blood flowing through her. Was it human? She didn’t know. It was a mix however. Human and werewolf blood. But something had plagued her all the more. The auburn redhead begged to differ with God himself. Why her? Why couldn’t it had been some other sap? But then again, no. She’d have to become some super hero or some shit like that. But no again, Ginger Fitzgerald wasn’t and would be under no circumstances a super hero. Sad hazel-green eyes peered over to Brigitte who seemed so determined. Ginger sighed once, letting a long exhale from her lips, all she could think of however, was how could it would be to bite into someone’s flesh. And either way, good or bad. She’d get what she wanted.

“All right B, I see it your way.” Ginger lied. As she began in front of her sister, into the woods. It was dark. Darker than anything she could imagine. But fear not, this place didn’t give even our redhead the creeps. Something tingled her senses… a swirl in her stomach, and like a flash of light, Ginger had disappeared into the forest, after something. But what? She tried not to frighten her sister, but it was the chase and the thrill that got to her. Just the feeling of the wind in her hair when she ran. And it wasn’t like that gay ass field hockey practice. Hell no. It was a real thrill. “B… B!” she whispered, but with Ginger, her voice was always loud. “I got something..” it sounded as if something was gurgling, Ginger coughed once, blood now on her lips, as she was kneeled down on the ground. With her prey. A deer. She never felt bad for the pathetic animal, as the slender pale girl dove in for more, gouging on the blood and gore. An intestine was weaved around her finger, now fully around her palm.

Ginger growled once, signifying she wasn’t satisfied. But that’s when she had heard some kind of moan. “Keep it down…” she snapped, no pun intended. But it didn’t seem like Brigitte, shaking her head, the auburn haired girl went back to eating, until she heard shuffling. “B… you’re getting on my fucking nerves…” Ginger warned. But the shuffling didn’t stop, in fact, it was getting closer. That’s when she knew they weren’t alone. More moaning came… what the hell?
“Ginger ?” A minute ago it seemed like Brigitte was leading them into the woods yet the next thing she knew Ginger had taken off like a shot in the dark, racing into the woods. Brigitte ran in after her but given the fact that Ginger was always the faster runner, the athletic one, B soon lost track of her.

She stopped for a second, glancing around. The woods were dark and dense, fog filled and a mix of hard and soft wood trees. Jesus, it’s impossible to make out anything B thought. This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, following a starved werewolf into the forest. She stumbled through the trees, pushing aside errant branches, keeping an eye out for Ginger.

Scratch that, the dumbest thing I’ve even was infect myself she reflected.

“Ginger ?” She yelled out. “Where are you ?” No answer. “Fuck”, she mumbled.
The forest was disorienting, she had no clue where she was going. That was until she smelled blood. A strange tightness filled her chest, it felt as if her heart had stopped.
“Oh no....GINGER!!!” she yelled. Bolting forward, indifferent to her surroundings, she followed that smell, her mind racing. Be okay, be okay be okaybe okay..” she went over rapidly in her mind.

She burst through the undergrowth, stumbling and falling to the ground. More specifically falling into a pile of blood and guts. “Ginger!!”
But it wasn’t Ginger. It was a deer.... a deer who had been ripped apart by her sister who knelt next to the carcass. Ginger’s head turned to look at Brigitte.

Brigitte pushed herself off the deer, her hands, part of her face and her chest where cover in its blood. “Je....jesus...” she stammered, looking back at Ginger. She was about to say something but behind Ginger another figure had emerged from the trees. Her mouth opened in shock, eyes widened. Holy fuck .

The rancid smell of the figure drifted towards them, filling Brigitte’s nostrils but the look of this figure alone was enough to turn her stomach. The skin had a white, blueish cast to it and at some places was falling away from the muscle, if you could call the darken visage muscle. It’s mouth was agape and covered in blood. Slowly it moved toward them, moaning, it’s hands outstretched.
Brigitte’s breath came fast and her heart was pounding. Frantically she reached out for Ginger, who had also spotted the zombie, and grabbed her hand. She leaped up and pulled Ginger along with her.

She dashed back though the woods, following the way she came, her heart was pounding loudly now and her hand was tightly grasping Ginger, practically cutting off circulation to the limb. Her mind was jumbled, the only thought she could make out was Run.