Prof. William Wexler (lore_warden) wrote in sum_ofall_fears,
Prof. William Wexler

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An expression of concern momentarily flickered over the Professor’s smile.

“Call it a hunch, but… I don’t think we want to idle out here long.” Releasing the young woman’s hand, he returned his own to his pocket, coming up a second later with a key between his fingers.

Then he glanced back toward the lobby.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get your own before we go, I imagine. Best if you didn’t have to venture out alone later.” Somehow, in the encroaching darkness, it sounded like a sensible suggestion.

As he turned to escort Sidney Prescott back to the reception area, Wexler became aware of a growing unease clenched up somewhere…

It was inexplicable, really. He’d just taken a dive out of the ceiling of a strange building in the middle of God-knew-where into the midst of a dozen strangers and had relatively little difficulty in adjusting to the ensuing shock. Out here, though…

[Open to Sidney]
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