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Calming the FUCK down.

After kicking open the door to the first room, Trish lugged Darry's body through the threshold and kicked the door closed behind them. Though Darry was pretty heavy for a girl Trish's size to carry, she remained standing there for a long moment, looking around the room. It was a fairly nice room; nothing spectacular, but at least it wasn't a dive. And, thankfully, she didn't see any creepy stuffed birds or rats in here, which was always a plus.

She did, however, notice two important things. One, there was only one bed in this room - a queen-sized one with a floral comforter and two overstuffed pillows. The second was that there was an open first aid kit on the middle of the bed, with what looked exactly like one of Darry's tranq needles already prepared and laid out for him. Trish looked over at Darry with wide eyes, wondering if he saw it too. Of course, given Darry's current state, he was probably not the best person to ask about hallucinations.

"Holy shit."

Trish helped Darry over to the bed, sitting him on the edge as she just stared at the needle for a long moment. It looked like it could have been straight out of Darry's kit back at home, right down to being filled with the proper dosage. No, this was insane. This had to be some kind of trick. They hadn't even told Willard what room they were taking, so he couldn't have put it there. It was almost creepy to see the needle just waiting for them when they walked inside.

"Darry... do you think it's safe?"

What if it wasn't? What if there was something in it that would kill him. How could they trust some mysteriously convenient needle? But then again, Darry was having some serious trouble breathing...

[Open to Darry]
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