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The Sum of all Fears [entries|friends|calendar]
Sum of all Fears

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One hell of a headache [25 May 2005|11:36am]

[ mood | sore ]

Willard came to, only to find himself on the hardwood floor of the lobby at the Bates motel. However, unlike the motel's recent occupants he arrived on the floor due to more conventional means. Namely a blow to the back of his head by the teenage girl known as Brigitte. Willard's eyes blurred with pain as he slowly pushed himself up till he was in a kneeling position.
He ran a hand over his head and through his hair feeling as if he had been hit with a baseball bat rather than the fist of the young girl when he suddenly felt something wet on his fingers. Shaking, he pulled his hand away and looked at his fingers. Blood. He was bleeding. How the hell... he thought slowly climbing to his feet. Then he remember..everything. The fight between the girls, the rats, that man crushing one of his own. He shuddered and glanced around. The girls had left while he was out but Alice and Jack had remained, though neither seemed to be paying much attention to Willard. Sleek, dark rats were still milling about the room. Willard considered, briefly, the idea of sending them to attack Jack but decided against it, not wanting to lose any more of his friends. "Out" he muttered wearily to rats. "Out". Willard stumbled over towards the desk and opened a cabinet near by it, retrieving a towel which he placed to the back of his head.
"Ouch", he muttered as the cut tinged. He really ought to clear it up though it didn't seem particularly deep. Still his head was throbbing. No longer in the mood for a confrontation with Jack, Willard decided to ignore him, figuring he would do something later, as he walked the man and through the door of the lobby. Upon exiting Willard turned and headed down the walkway toward the vending and ice machine. Perhaps some ice will help ease the pain, he thought as he continued walking.
He glanced around the parking lot, feeling much more secure in the daylight. He saw a few others walking down to the road heading into town but paid them no get amount of attention.
Reaching the ice machine, he pressed the button, hearing the machine spring to life and emit loud grinding noises as it deposited the ice below. Scooping some of the ice up into his towel Willard replaced the towel to his cut, sighing in satisfaction. Much better, he thought, leaning against a nearby post.
[Open to Jack, Alice or anyone who wants to start something in the game]

~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

[25 May 2005|11:32am]

Brigitte continues down the walkway, practically stomping, her mind reeling with anger at her sister. Oblivious to her surroundings or whether her sister was behind her, she continued till she reached the door to the room they shared. Slipping her key into the locking, she roughly pushed the door open and slammed it behind her.
"Bitch" she swore, unable to keep her temper. She's uncontrollable, Brigitte's mind raged as she paced the room. She never thinks...
Did she ever ? a voice in Brigitte's mind questioned her. Brigitte paused. True, she conceded. But still in a situation like this..
Ginger is being Ginger the voice responded. You know what she's like, you've always know.
Brigitte stopped. True, she thought again. Really why had she been expecting Ginger to change ?
Probably because I've changed, she thought. It's been a while, maybe I just forgot what Ginger was like.
Brigitte collapsed on to one of the beds, the bed which was messed up due to Jack and Ginger, feeling utterly exhausted. Kicking off her sneakers she laid back onto the bed. She glanced over at the other bed, a faint chuckle escaping her lips. It's like being back in Bailey Downs, in our room, she thought.
She rolled over onto her side, finally giving into the exhaustion and drifting off.
A sleep-over every night Ghost's voice echoed in her mind before Brigitte passed out.
[Open to Ginger if she wants to wake B up]
~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

A wonderful day in the neighborhood [11 May 2005|07:18pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Nobody was talking. Not one word. For all Charlie knew the other's weren't even behind her. She glanced over her shoulder, they were there in the distance, roughly 30 feet away. I need to walk slower she thought before noticing the lack of one person. Where did Zelda go to ?
She shook her head, Probabrly wandered off...not exactly smart, is she ? Charlie silently hoped that the young girl hadn't that instead she had went back to get the others. Yeah, maybe that's what she did.

Whatever. I'm not her babysitter. Charlie turned back toward the road. They weren't too far. Maybe 10 to 15 minutes. She decided against waiting for the guys to catch up and continued down the road. For some strange reason she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched.
She stopped again, glancing around quickly. "Nothing but forest", she muttered, shivering. Charlie continued on, thinking that she wouldn't be comfortable till they were in town.
[Open to anyone who's heading into town]

~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

Chance encounter [16 Apr 2005|04:40pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Continues from here

Zelda didn't know how long she had followed the mysterious figure, an hour at least. Yet no matter how she tried Zelda could simply not catch up to it, which was surprising since Zelda was an athlete and all. Also she couldn't understand why she felt so compelled to follow this person, though her mind assured her that wasn't important.
Just keep going a voice in her mind told her.
Why ? she asked, her legs moving swiftly and heart beginning to pound.
You'll see , was the simple reply.

She realized then that she was gaining on the figure. Finally !! she thought, picking up speed.
They had reached a clearing when Zelda could finally make out the figure. It was a young boy. "HEY...Wait up !!" she called out. "I just want to talk to you."
What is he doing here ? she wondered. Is he from the town near by ? The boy stopped running and turned around toward Zelda. He seemed normal enough, roughly 6 or 7 with dark blond hair. He watched her quietly as she jogged toward him.
"Are you a witch ?"he asked sadly.
"What ?" That question surprised her. "No...or course not".She smiled slightly as an attempt to reassure him. "Do I look like a witch ?" she laughed.
"No..but he didn't either", the boy replied.
The laughter died in Zelda's throat. She glanced around the clearing. Nothing but calm forest with blue skies above them, yet for some reason she suddenly felt a chill go right through her bones. "He ?" she asked. "Who is he ?" The boy muttered something under his breath which Zelda couldn't quite hear. She bit her lip. Something didn't feel right about this situation. Her skin prickled when she realized what was unsettling her.
"You're dead" she said softly.

He's a spirit, how did I not recognize that before ? she wonder. It's not as if I've never seen a ghost. She glanced down at the green grass beneath her feet and considered the question. Of course, this boy is the first ghost that I've seen here. "What happened to.." she started to ask, her eyes darting back to the boy but not finding him. "Hey..where he'd go ?"

She spun around quickly, searching for the boy when she saw the man coming out of the trees, startling her. "OH.." she yelped. "Sorry..you..uh startled me", she said to blond man walking toward her. He was tall, lean and clothed head to toe in black. He smiled coldly as he advanced.
"Uh..you didn't happen to see a little kid around here, did you ?", Zelda asked nervously.
[Open to Warlock or anyone else who happenes enter the forest ]

10 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

Face To Face. [08 Apr 2005|05:43pm]

A hard knock was sent on his door as Matt laid on his side. The sandy haired brunette taking the pillow and shoving it over his head. But again, another knock had taken place. Only this time it was in his mind. Grumbling to himself half asleep and half awake, Matthew Addison threw the pillow off from his head and threw off the covers. Yawning, he scratched his neck for a moment. Still noticing that there was no mutation. This was indeed an odd place. And when thinking back on the knock on the door he knew for a fact it was Alice.

"Time to get the 'little boiling pot' up." he sighed to himself, stalking around his room for a moment until he had found his black slacks and slipped them on. Deciding to keep the blue button up shirt untucked. Slicking his hair back once just for the hell of being a neat freak he turned the knob of the door and headed out into the hallway.

Her door was unlocked. She thought he wouldn't get in. But luckily the window to his room was open so he snuck in when had finally fallen in that mud muddle and down the landslide and found his key. His ass still ached from that. Damn bitch.

"Rain?" Matt poked his head in the doorway. She sure was something else. He heard snoring coming from the other room. Matt's eyes widened for a moment before he wrinkled his nose. "Oh lord..." he muttered to himself, shuffling into her bedroom.

Somehow he had gotten gypped on the whole room deal. Hers was as twice as big...wait a minute...that WAS his room, did she swipe his key? No, he was delirious.

"Rain..." Matt headed over to her, shaking her for a moment. The poor woman on her side and in an instant he could tell she was wide awake. Oh shit..

"Rain... don't get any ideas... Alice just-"

(Open to Rain and anyone else who dares to fuck with us. XD.)
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[05 Apr 2005|12:28pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Continues from here

Zelda approached a near by door, the paint on the door frame was a dark muddy colour, peeling to reveal weather beaten wood. From what she could make out it sounded like there were others in the room talking. She stared at the cheap metal number which clung to the door, before knocking briskly. "Hello ? Is anyone there ?" she asked.

She waited quietly before knocking again. She looked back over her shoulder at William and Charlie. They were still there for the moment.

"Hello ?" she asked again. Maybe no one's there she thought.

[Open to anyone who wants to answer the door first or who is already outside]

12 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

Shall we? [04 Apr 2005|10:28pm]

[ mood | restless ]

If that wasn’t special, he thought watching the man, younger than many but older than some threaten and cajole his fellow villains. John watched with offhanded interest out of the black empty eyeholes of the mask; narrowing his own analytical grey eyes.

There was a war of egos here. None wished to seem weak in front of another. Concession to another’s whim would certainly qualify under that title. Logic stood that each man, girl, and... thing had their own unique talent, whether un-, sub-, or super-natural, or else why summon them all here to this place? His fingers drummed on the leather-covered arm of the chair. This perpetual waiting would bear no fruit. His hand gripped the pig mask, pulling it roughly off his head to reveal Jigsaw’s baldhead and sick-paled skin. His eyes now openly scanned each person one-by-one. If he was to be the first one to make a move then so be it.

He dropped the mask into large duffle bag and stood addressing them in that deep voice, “Gentlemen, ladies, we have been brought to this place for a reason. Let us not linger idly then. It is a safe assumption each of we assembled here has a particular talent; hence, our assembly here by the unknown benefactor. So then, let us see what sport we find and not merely sit and admire the wallpaper. I am going out to investigate- who will go with me?”

[Open to any villain(s)]

2 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

Morning in Nusquam [03 Apr 2005|08:21pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

The night's sleep was long and rest did not come easy for Alice. Her mind swam in a flood of horrible memories. Unshakable, vicious, and eternal: the blood, the flayed flesh, droning of the infected, the inescapable omnipresence of the soulless multinational monopoly, and helplessness to save anyone- especially herself.

The first rays of the warm morning filtered through the crack in the curtains. The beam loomed over her placid face, stirring the agent to shelter slowly parting eyes with a forearm, before rising. Where am I? Blinking hard, her mind scanned through banks of memory to recall the unfamiliar location and all that had occurred the night before came flooding back over her. Nusquam, that was the name of the place.... Rain...Matt... they were alive. How and why made no discernable sense to Alice but things being the way they were, it didn’t particularly matter. For now...

Alice stepped out onto the wooden plank walkway, staring out into the slight grey morning fog that seemed to have consumed the hotel whole, before stopping first at Rain’s door then Matt’s. Giving a good solid whack with the side of her fist. This is your wake-up call, Alice thought grimly to herself. A few second later she had reached the small collection of people assembled outside in front of the main entrance. She was too hungry and half asleep to make any more nicities than a simple nod good morning to her fellow guests. After grumbling something about food, Alice ran her fingers through her blond hair and entered the lobby in search of breakfast of some sort.

[Open to anyone in/around the Bate's Motel]

13 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

Little Red Riding Hood? [03 Apr 2005|12:48pm]

[ mood | curious ]

After that brief and intriguing interrogation with the others who smelt of such sin, Jack headed off into his own direction of the hotel, bored of those already dead and not of his taking. Though, there were a few of those devious characters he'd love to take; only a couple of them were actually living, breathing human beings, but no matter, Jack Ferriman would find more 'innocent,' mortals to torture and disembowel.

Pacing along the corridors like some lost soul, Jack comes across several rooms lined up next to one another. It felt as though he were back on the Antonia Graza; each stateroom was lined nicely next to another for a snug fit, allowing more guests, and souls to stay. How he missed his little ship of sinners; but no need. There'd always be chances to obtain more, there always was, and this hotel seemed filled with them.

Making his way to the outer section of the hotel, Jack steps outside onto the soft green grass that grows in the dirt. How it felt so good to be into fresh air; and if he'd taken the time to breathe, Jack would appreciate the weather conditions. Upon reaching outer grounds, he spots his first victim. A girl, her back in his view, with bright red ginger hair. Already just by her hair, he could tell that this young girl was a beauty to be seen.

[Open to Ginger and any curious soul who happens to be spying].

25 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

[12 Mar 2005|11:41am]

Continues from here

It seemed calm though, on this clear morning in Nusquam. Charlie stared off into the distance. Tranquil, as if nothing bad could happen here. At least she saw no sign of the trouble Ginger and Brigitte had mentioned. Nothing but the sun cracking through the clouds to reveal blue sky. She wondered if it would be warm.

Frankly, Charlie was surprised that no one had been awaken by this commotion that the girls caused. Perhaps they were wrapped up in there own problems. It wouldn't surprise her, given the unusual circumstances. She eyed the girls. Then again, maybe they had heard but hadn't believed. These two did have the atmosphere of shit-disturbers around them. Particularly the red head who was still eating the bloody remains hanging from her shirt.

"Do you mind ? That's not only unhealthy but unhygienic" she said in an exasperated tone. Her attention was distracted only for a few moments but it was long enough for a figure to come running out of the woods. Charlie snapped her attention toward the sound of running feet, What the....
Surprised, Charlie's mind lashed out instinctively, drawing up scorching flames from the ground to incinerate the figure.
The flames spread quickly as the figure fell to the ground. Frighten, Charlie concentrated on keeping the flames strong. Within moments the zombie was reduced to ashes, the glow surrounding Charlie subsiding.
Oh crap she thought. She had used her powers, exposed herself, the ne thing she usually was so guarded about was out in the open now. She turned back toward the others.
"I can explain that.." She started.
[Open to Wexler, Brigitte, Ginger and anyone who is drawn outside].
9 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

[06 Mar 2005|10:54am]

Sunlight streamed into the room, creating shapes across the hardwood floor and revealing the dust floating in the air. It was early morning Nusquam, eerily quiet until another portal appeared, announcing itself with a loud crackling noise and distributing a young girl onto the floor of the Bates Motel.

It was the noise of the portal that awoke Willard, who climbed groggily out of bed. What was that ? he asked himself. Grabbing Socrates, Willard ventured out of his room and into the lobby. Daylight blinded him for a few moments as he stumbled towards his desk. When regained his bearings he realized that another person was in the room, on the floor lay an unconscious young girl.

Another one ? Willard shrugged. He was getting use to the unexpected visitors, or perhaps a better choice of words would be indifferent. Deciding that he really didn’t wish to wait for this one to wake up, Willard walked over and shook her slightly.
“Get up”, he ordered.

[Open to anyone.]
3 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

What a crock of shit. [20 Feb 2005|04:44pm]

Not only was Barry stranded in the middle of fucking nowhere with the last three people he'd ever wanted to see again, but now he was forced to check into some second rate, hole in the wall motel for the night. It sucked, no matter how you looked at it. Then again, even he had to admit it was better than being stalked my some hook wielding fisherman -- or worse yet, being slashed up by said fisherman if what Julie had been saying was true. When that rat-wearing freakshow at the front desk attempted to place all four of them in one room together though, the most that Barry could do was insist that he and his 'friends' would need at least two rooms for the night. Granted, Helen, Julie and Ray were just as fucked as he was at the moment, and sure they all knew one another, but that didn't mean that they'd all be piling up in bed together. As it was, Ray would be lucky to fit into bed at all, let alone get any sleep with Julie's fat ass snoring beside him.

Barry had just assumed the girls would room together, while he and Ray shared a room for the night. As it turned out, Julie wasn't willing to part with Ray for whatever reason. Weren't they not talking to each other? Come to think of it, weren't they all not talking to one another? Ever since that summer. Not like it mattered. Apparently, running from a homicidal maniac fisherman brought about the togetherness in everyone.

Despite the circumstance, both Barry and Helen seemed to get on pretty well given their current situation. He'd half expected her to make him sleep on the floor -- not that he would have, but surprisingly she'd been willing to share the bed with him. In a non-sexual capacity, of course. No, those days were long gone now. Neither one of them even attempted to talk about what was happening as they crawled into bed. It was all just too weird, and they'd get everything sorted out come morning. The sooner they could put some distance between themselves and this piece of shit motel, the better. Once they made it to town, they could call for help. Rent a car -- shit, anything. On second thought, it was pretty safe to say that there were no car rentals in trailer parks. Or shanty towns. Whatever the hell these hicks called their little shit communities.

Barry couldn't recall which of them succumbed to slumber first, not that it mattered. They were getting sleep -- something that they both needed after everything was said and done. When he finally did wake from his dreamless sleep, he stared at the ceiling for a long while. For that one moment when he'd first opened his eyes, he honestly couldn't recall where the hell he was, or who was snuggled up against him. It took only for that moment to pass however, before reality came flooding back in. It was a good thing too, otherwise he would have just as soon never have opened his eyes again.

With a frustrated sigh, Barry rolled his eyes and lifted his head so that he was able to see Helen's face. She was still fast asleep, using his chest as a pillow. All it would have taken was a little trickle of drool for him to shove her ass to her own side of the bed. Instead, he found himself lying there unmoving, doing his best to keep from interrupting her now. Why? Who the fuck knows. It's not like they were together anymore. Still, from what he could recall, those old feelings had started coming back just before-- .. yeah. It was probably better not to think about it.

The rumbling of his stomach derailed any train of thought he might have been caught up within up until that moment. Just fucking great. In the middle of nowhere with no means of transportation. As soon as Helen woke up, they were hitting up those snack machines she'd stumbled across last night, and hiking their asses into town with Julie and Ray in tow. He'd rather face off against that Captain Hook wannabe fisherman that have to spend another night in this godforsaken place, because this time? It wouldn't be him on the end of that fucker's hook, that was for damn sure.

[ Open to Helen, and anyone who might happen to stop by. ]
5 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

First light. [20 Feb 2005|01:15pm]

After finally managing to persuade Barry to stay the night at the Bates Motel, the former friends from Southport split off into two separate groups. It was no secret that Ray felt the need for them all to stick together now more than ever, but it was almost out of the question to expect Barry to share a room with three other people. In fact, it came as a surprise to everyone when he agreed to bunk with Helen. Ray had just assumed that the girls would room together, given the past relationships factored into their group's situation. Despite everything that had happened between them all in the past however, Julie seemed adamant about sticking by Ray no matter what. It was a nice feeling, he had to admit. Being around Julie, knowing that deep down she still trusted him just as much as she used to. One thing he was sure of though, was that he wasn't going to let Helen stay anywhere alone. When Barry stepped up and actually proposed that he and Helen share a room, it seemed to solve everyone's problems.

Even with the room situation taken care of, everything still seemed so unclear. No doubt it had been a long night for each and every one of them. Hell, it was probably the same for everyone else who had found themselves waking up in the lobby earlier that evening. If Barry hadn't insisted on separating from the crowd early on, they might have been provided a bit more insight into the whole situation. There was no going back now, though. Ray would just have to wait until morning to try and get any answers. As it was, Barry was already planning on dragging them all into town come first light in order to find some means of getting home .. but was that really such a good idea? For all any of them knew, Ben Willis was still lurking about just waiting for them to show up again so that he could pick them off one at a time. In fact, according to Julie, Barry and Helen had already fallen victim to the deranged fisherman's vengeance. The more Ray seemed to think on it, the worse it made his head hurt. It just didn't make any sense. Maybe Julie'd just had a bad dream or .. something. There had to be some kind of explanation for everything, didn't there?

With a heavy sigh, Ray turned his attention to Julie's sleeping figure beside him on the bed. The two of them hadn't even really had the chance to talk yet. As soon as they'd secured themselves a room, Julie seemed to pass out on the bed. At least she seemed all right for the time being. She was pretty shaken up and exhausted earlier. Sleeping was probably the best thing for her right about now. Turning his head away from her, Ray closed his eyes in an attempt to get some sleep, himself. Before he could get comfortable however, the sun's light seeped through his eyelids and forced him back awake. Was it morning already? Carefully, Ray slipped out of bed while making sure not to disturb Julie's still sleeping figure in the process. Walking toward the window, he reached up to crack the blinds with his fingers. Just as he had suspected, the sun was just starting to rise above the horizon. Had he really been up all night? Retracting his hand, the blinds slinked closed once more. Looked like he wouldn't be getting much rest after all.

[ Open to Julie, and anyone who might happen to stop by. ]
~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

Rise and shine? Or maybe just flicker... [17 Feb 2005|10:25pm]

Whether it was her body crashing from all the excitement or just the steady rhythm of Darry's breathing beside her, Trish had eventually drifted off to sleep herself on the bed in their motel room. When her eyes flickered open once again a little over an hour later, it took her several disorienting minutes to remember where she was.

Right... motel... wherever the fuck that is.

She carefully slid to one side, pulling herself away from Darry's unconscious body so she could stretch without waking him just yet. Her neck and back cracked some as she stood up, but other than that she was perfectly fine, something that she guessed she should be more thankful for. Checking the clock on the nightstand, she saw it was 9:30. Still pretty early as far as she was concerned, but that meant that she'd been in this place for more than three hours without figuring out where they were.

Sitting on the edge of the bed now, she looked back at where Darry was sleeping. She couldn't help but smile, seeing him curled up like he was a little kid again. At least he seemed to be sleeping peacefully, though after that dosage of tranqs she wasn't that surprised.

Remembering the first aid kit, she decided to take a closer look at it. Pulling it over next to where she was sitting, she sifted through its contents. It contained all the usual stuff, and then some. From bandages and various sanitizing ointments to heavy-duty bandages and even materials to stitch wounds shut. And that's beside the needle and tranquilizer dosages and the inhaler she found there (all matching Darry's prescriptions, of course). Whoever had left that kit in the room had left it for them, specifically. Someone here knew more than they were saying - hell, more than anyone should know. How could anyone know what Darry's meds were, never mind which room they were going to take? The thought that someone out there knew so much about them made Trish's skin crawl, and she shut the first aid kit with a shudder.

Turning to Darry, she forced her mind onto more important and immediate matters: namely getting her and her brother out of there. Before they could leave, they'd have to know where they were, why they were there, and how they'd arrived. For that, they'd need to talk with the others. Reaching over, she placed a hand on Darry's shoulder.

"Hey, Dar. Rise and shine, sweetie. We're at Gramma's."

She smiled warmly at him, hoping her teasing remark would help him to wake up in good spirits. The poor guy'd been through enough as it was.

"Sleep well?"

[open to Darry]
1 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

[13 Feb 2005|04:48pm]

[ mood | restless ]

Wexler hadn’t really noticed that he’d begun to dose until his head started nodding to one side and the solid headboard pressed uncomfortably against his temple. He cracked one eyelid, glaring across the dim cabin.

Christ. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep.

Deeming it safer to think on his feet, the Professor hopped off the lightly disturbed white sheets and paced the bed’s flank with his fingers locked behind him. Following this moment of useless rumination, he veered off and paused abruptly near the small oak table siding one wall. His gaze fell over his jacket on the chair back, and then he glanced over his shoulder toward the door.

I’m not seriously considering this, am I? He weighed the prospect of venturing outside with that of pacing the tiny room. All night. Back and forth. Almost entirely ignorant of the reason he was doing so.

Damn it.

He slipped into the bathroom to retrieve his shirt, beating the dust out to his satisfaction before pulling it on and working the buttons into place. Sweeping around the corner, he moved to pull out a chair as he settled the cord jacket across his shoulders and reached for his shoes.

Then he let himself out into the chill night. He’d have killed to know what month it was.

Things were rather quiet outside; he could see one group of four teens gathered near the office, but failed immediately to make out any conversation between them. Regardless… they seemed preoccupied. Surprise, surprise. Rather than intrude, he wandered down the long deck to examine one of the numerous vending machines lighting its walkway.

Just as he made to troll his pockets for change, Wexler’s attention was snapped up by the blinking LED display: “$0.00” Quirking a brow, he tapped a button. Sure enough, the machine whirred into life, depositing a bag of peanuts into the empty tray below. He bent to retrieve and examine the nondescript package before pocketing it. Turning, Wexler strolled up to the edge of the porch, squinting tensely into the darkness.

[Open to everyone currently outside and everyone planning to step outside. Jump in wherever.]

8 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

[07 Feb 2005|12:49pm]

Willard surveyed the lobby. His eyes scanned over the many stuffed animals, the dim lamps, the hideous 1950's wallpaper.....funny, that wall paper was also in parlour of the Stiles family residence. He raised his eyebrows in mild surprise and continued his scrutiny of the room.

A number of people had left but there were still quite a few in the remaining. The two adult women, Raine and Alice were arguing by one side of the room. They had arrived with the first group, teleported here by a strange vortex that had opened in the ceiling and closed just as quickly.
Most of the first group had already left the lobby before and shortly after the second group had been deposited on the floor.
Willard regarded the new assembly which seemed composed mostly of males. Willard rubbed his head, a headache was quickly developing. He sincerely wished for silence.

What is the point of all this screaming and yelling ? he thought.
The new group would be waking up soon, Willard looked around for a clock to check the time.
An old grandfather clock in the corner next to a stuffed Grey owl answered his question. 3:17 am. What an ungodly hour to be up . Sunrise was roughly 3 hours away.

He yawned. He felt so tired and annoyed at this point. Was he suppose to stand around here all hours of the night waiting for people to make up their minds ? The annoyance started to give away to anger. Part of the problem with being crazy is having very little control of your emotions. The same was true for Willard. While normally he was timid and quiet but he had buttons which when pushed released surprising amounts of emotions. A frustrated sigh escaped him.

“Excuse me”, he practically yelled, anger in his voice. “ But there anyone else who would like to check in or wake up and check in for that matter ? Because, frankly, I would like to get some sleep tonight, if you don’t mind. “

[open to Raine, Alice, Matt, Shaun, anyone else who fell through the ceiling or anyone else who comes back into the lobby]
14 fears ~~*~~ What are you afraid of?

[03 Feb 2005|04:13pm]

[continued from...here]
“Rain, that holding area was inside the mansion at the outskirts of Raccoon City, the above ground entrance to the Hive. The Red Queen triggered the Hive’s defense mechanizes. The two security-operatives were suffering from amnesia due to the gas released into the main house. You and your squad took three persons Alice, Spence, Matt, with you into the Hive. I know because I was one of the two security-operatives. The Red Queen went homicidal. You and your team of U.B.C.S.- Umbrella Counter Measures Services, your mission was to enter the Hive, discover what happened, assess the extent of the damage and shut down the Red Queen. Kaplan, J.D., Shade, yourself... But what you didn’t know, what none of us knew, was Umbrella had been doing experimental illegal genetic testing and viral weapontry. One of their creations got loose- the T-Virus... a protean virus, it reanimated dead tissue- it made zombies, Rain, with a need to feed.”

The words Alice said seeped into the frustrated woman's head. There were flashes...flashes of memory.

Read more...Collapse )

All these flashes of her memory rush back in a matter of seconds. Rain snaps out of it. "Is that what that shit was in those tanks? Zombies? Creations?" She struggled some more, watching as people left, still confused and now more pissed than ever,

"Now let me the fuck up!" Rain's tone was near a growl, and her anger was very evident. Alice lifted her up, but didn't let up on her hold. After a moment the enraged soldier was tossed out the door. Rain quickly turned, fire burning behind her eyes, hands balled into tight fists, her knuckles white. If looks could kill, Alice would be dead, buried, decomposed and fertilizer.

“Now...You can either get up dust yourself off and talk to me inside. Or we can fight and I can put you in the dirt over and over again. Your choice, Rain.”

Taking a few deep breaths, not really helping to calm her, Rain narrowed her eyes at the blonde agent and spoke low.

"Ok, you seem to know everything, so tell me...bitch. What happened to my team? Where is everybody?"

{open to Alice...and maybe Matt if he wants to show}
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I want to give in... [02 Feb 2005|07:54pm]

“Right, Ginger?”

Those words had stung like a thousand bees, you know, their stingers just sticking to you. Infecting you with their poison. The auburn haired girl let her gaze fall to the ground, before slowly peeling it off of the pavement, and gave Brigitte Fitzgerald a death stare. “Yes. B, I’m coming.” she replied, a sickeningly sweet smile replaced her usual scowl upon her crimson painted lips, the lipstick fading slowly to reveal a paler red, almost like her lips had been dyed. The tone held a threatening existence that even Ginger herself couldn’t fathom that it was coming from her own lips.

Taking a step forward, Ginger hugged her arms close to her, as she folded them at her chest, slightly coldly from the lack of jacket. Dark hazel-green eyes followed Brigitte’s form into the shadows, until the redhead had caught up with her sister, brushing past her. She wanted war? War she’d get. “What the fuck, B!?” she growled angrily, looking at the darkness. Her senses slightly heightened and her eyes focused dead on.

“Where the hell are we going anyway?” taking another saunter forward another pang in her stomach, signaled that she was indeed starving. “Hey, I’ll meet you back at the room.. I need to go fucking kill something.” she said in a hushed tone. Ginger pivoted in the opposite direction now, once again a little ways away from passing her sister.

Would she reach out and stop her? Would she even attempt to stop her? Ginger herself didn’t know. But she did know she was fucking hungry, and that brunette soldier woman would do the trick… just ripping out her insides, licking them like a Tootsie Pop. Oh, it was heaven… her blood on her hands, the salty yet sweet taste in her mouth.

And then maybe the blonde would be good for another day. The now younger Fitzgerald sister held up a hand, observing the beige long claw-like nails on her fingers. She smirked to herself, almost forming a grin. No… Rain might be a better challenge later…she wanted to go after those other siblings…

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[02 Feb 2005|09:33am]

[ mood | Uneasy ]

An expression of concern momentarily flickered over the Professor’s smile.

“Call it a hunch, but… I don’t think we want to idle out here long.” Releasing the young woman’s hand, he returned his own to his pocket, coming up a second later with a key between his fingers.

Then he glanced back toward the lobby.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get your own before we go, I imagine. Best if you didn’t have to venture out alone later.” Somehow, in the encroaching darkness, it sounded like a sensible suggestion.

As he turned to escort Sidney Prescott back to the reception area, Wexler became aware of a growing unease clenched up somewhere…

It was inexplicable, really. He’d just taken a dive out of the ceiling of a strange building in the middle of God-knew-where into the midst of a dozen strangers and had relatively little difficulty in adjusting to the ensuing shock. Out here, though…

[Open to Sidney]

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Calming the FUCK down. [02 Feb 2005|08:24am]

[ mood | worried ]

After kicking open the door to the first room, Trish lugged Darry's body through the threshold and kicked the door closed behind them. Though Darry was pretty heavy for a girl Trish's size to carry, she remained standing there for a long moment, looking around the room. It was a fairly nice room; nothing spectacular, but at least it wasn't a dive. And, thankfully, she didn't see any creepy stuffed birds or rats in here, which was always a plus.

She did, however, notice two important things. One, there was only one bed in this room - a queen-sized one with a floral comforter and two overstuffed pillows. The second was that there was an open first aid kit on the middle of the bed, with what looked exactly like one of Darry's tranq needles already prepared and laid out for him. Trish looked over at Darry with wide eyes, wondering if he saw it too. Of course, given Darry's current state, he was probably not the best person to ask about hallucinations.

"Holy shit."

Trish helped Darry over to the bed, sitting him on the edge as she just stared at the needle for a long moment. It looked like it could have been straight out of Darry's kit back at home, right down to being filled with the proper dosage. No, this was insane. This had to be some kind of trick. They hadn't even told Willard what room they were taking, so he couldn't have put it there. It was almost creepy to see the needle just waiting for them when they walked inside.

"Darry... do you think it's safe?"

What if it wasn't? What if there was something in it that would kill him. How could they trust some mysteriously convenient needle? But then again, Darry was having some serious trouble breathing...

[Open to Darry]

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