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Little Red Riding Hood?

After that brief and intriguing interrogation with the others who smelt of such sin, Jack headed off into his own direction of the hotel, bored of those already dead and not of his taking. Though, there were a few of those devious characters he'd love to take; only a couple of them were actually living, breathing human beings, but no matter, Jack Ferriman would find more 'innocent,' mortals to torture and disembowel.

Pacing along the corridors like some lost soul, Jack comes across several rooms lined up next to one another. It felt as though he were back on the Antonia Graza; each stateroom was lined nicely next to another for a snug fit, allowing more guests, and souls to stay. How he missed his little ship of sinners; but no need. There'd always be chances to obtain more, there always was, and this hotel seemed filled with them.

Making his way to the outer section of the hotel, Jack steps outside onto the soft green grass that grows in the dirt. How it felt so good to be into fresh air; and if he'd taken the time to breathe, Jack would appreciate the weather conditions. Upon reaching outer grounds, he spots his first victim. A girl, her back in his view, with bright red ginger hair. Already just by her hair, he could tell that this young girl was a beauty to be seen.

[Open to Ginger and any curious soul who happens to be spying].
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