_willard_rat (_willard_rat) wrote in sum_ofall_fears,

Sunlight streamed into the room, creating shapes across the hardwood floor and revealing the dust floating in the air. It was early morning Nusquam, eerily quiet until another portal appeared, announcing itself with a loud crackling noise and distributing a young girl onto the floor of the Bates Motel.

It was the noise of the portal that awoke Willard, who climbed groggily out of bed. What was that ? he asked himself. Grabbing Socrates, Willard ventured out of his room and into the lobby. Daylight blinded him for a few moments as he stumbled towards his desk. When regained his bearings he realized that another person was in the room, on the floor lay an unconscious young girl.

Another one ? Willard shrugged. He was getting use to the unexpected visitors, or perhaps a better choice of words would be indifferent. Deciding that he really didn’t wish to wait for this one to wake up, Willard walked over and shook her slightly.
“Get up”, he ordered.

[Open to anyone.]
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