Barry (barry_cox) wrote in sum_ofall_fears,

What a crock of shit.

Not only was Barry stranded in the middle of fucking nowhere with the last three people he'd ever wanted to see again, but now he was forced to check into some second rate, hole in the wall motel for the night. It sucked, no matter how you looked at it. Then again, even he had to admit it was better than being stalked my some hook wielding fisherman -- or worse yet, being slashed up by said fisherman if what Julie had been saying was true. When that rat-wearing freakshow at the front desk attempted to place all four of them in one room together though, the most that Barry could do was insist that he and his 'friends' would need at least two rooms for the night. Granted, Helen, Julie and Ray were just as fucked as he was at the moment, and sure they all knew one another, but that didn't mean that they'd all be piling up in bed together. As it was, Ray would be lucky to fit into bed at all, let alone get any sleep with Julie's fat ass snoring beside him.

Barry had just assumed the girls would room together, while he and Ray shared a room for the night. As it turned out, Julie wasn't willing to part with Ray for whatever reason. Weren't they not talking to each other? Come to think of it, weren't they all not talking to one another? Ever since that summer. Not like it mattered. Apparently, running from a homicidal maniac fisherman brought about the togetherness in everyone.

Despite the circumstance, both Barry and Helen seemed to get on pretty well given their current situation. He'd half expected her to make him sleep on the floor -- not that he would have, but surprisingly she'd been willing to share the bed with him. In a non-sexual capacity, of course. No, those days were long gone now. Neither one of them even attempted to talk about what was happening as they crawled into bed. It was all just too weird, and they'd get everything sorted out come morning. The sooner they could put some distance between themselves and this piece of shit motel, the better. Once they made it to town, they could call for help. Rent a car -- shit, anything. On second thought, it was pretty safe to say that there were no car rentals in trailer parks. Or shanty towns. Whatever the hell these hicks called their little shit communities.

Barry couldn't recall which of them succumbed to slumber first, not that it mattered. They were getting sleep -- something that they both needed after everything was said and done. When he finally did wake from his dreamless sleep, he stared at the ceiling for a long while. For that one moment when he'd first opened his eyes, he honestly couldn't recall where the hell he was, or who was snuggled up against him. It took only for that moment to pass however, before reality came flooding back in. It was a good thing too, otherwise he would have just as soon never have opened his eyes again.

With a frustrated sigh, Barry rolled his eyes and lifted his head so that he was able to see Helen's face. She was still fast asleep, using his chest as a pillow. All it would have taken was a little trickle of drool for him to shove her ass to her own side of the bed. Instead, he found himself lying there unmoving, doing his best to keep from interrupting her now. Why? Who the fuck knows. It's not like they were together anymore. Still, from what he could recall, those old feelings had started coming back just before-- .. yeah. It was probably better not to think about it.

The rumbling of his stomach derailed any train of thought he might have been caught up within up until that moment. Just fucking great. In the middle of nowhere with no means of transportation. As soon as Helen woke up, they were hitting up those snack machines she'd stumbled across last night, and hiking their asses into town with Julie and Ray in tow. He'd rather face off against that Captain Hook wannabe fisherman that have to spend another night in this godforsaken place, because this time? It wouldn't be him on the end of that fucker's hook, that was for damn sure.

[ Open to Helen, and anyone who might happen to stop by. ]
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